All the products are made by means of automatic processes such as:
- Longitudinal laser welding
- Robotic welding tig curves
- Belling female
- Liquid silicone anti-scratch treatment

The flue pipes for pellet stoves can reach an operating temperature up to 200 ° C with the use of silicone gaskets supplied.
On request we can provide Viton seals resistant up to 300 ° C with a slight surcharge.

Linear black element


black steel pipes for discharge of fumes inside the pellet products. Products certified with Apros brand synonymous with reliability and quality over time.

3,50 € VAT included

various accessories


Bends, tees, rosettes, ties ... Everything you need to complete the flue outlet of the pellet products. Certified Product with Apros brand.

1,60 € VAT included

Step flammable roofs UNIX


steel element for the passage to the roof, designed and certified for installation on wooden ceilings or with heat-sensitive materials. Perfect adaptability to the different thicknesses of the roof. Available in different sizes and finishes.

310,00 € VAT included